Media monitoring

for PR agencies

We monitor online, print, audiovisual media
and we facilitate measuring and advanced analysis.

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Considerably better media monitoring

We track all important print and online media, and radio and television broadcast daily. Moreover, we offer advanced search and the highest speed on the marketet.

Monitoring médií

We are the leader in the number of monitored titles

We work with all prominent publishers in the CR and monitor over 2.000 magazines, daily newspapers and periodicals, and over 4.000 online sites.

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New standard for media intelligence

We not only track the number of articles, but we measures their media reach. We combines news into events and monitors their development over time.



You need to know about some events immediately, others can appear in a weekly or monthly summary, or in an infographics.

Monitoring médií Monitora


The Monitora application has been used by leading companies in the CR to monitor and analyse the media


…and hundreds of other companies.

More testemonials

“Monitora, an essential tool for us which helps with our work every day.”

John Rezac, spokesman

"Leady is for the businessman what a steering wheel and gas pedal are for the race car driver.”

Tereza Jezek, PR manager

“An attractive tool for media monitoring which effectively supports our activities concerning our brand and PR.”

David Kotora, PR manager


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